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NA2 Site quality assessment


Leader: Roland Gredel (MPIA, Heidelberg)

Co-leaders: Silvia Masi (INAF, University of Rome), Aziz Ziad (CNRS-FIZEAU)

Provides a complete, comprehensive and coordinated long term (3-yr) monitoring of key environmental parameters used to assess the quality of the site for the possible implementation of large astronomical facilities at Dome C.

Tasks Task leader Title
Parameters review
2.2 Synthesis of observations at Dome C.
2.3 Modelling the site properties for science optimisation.

 1st workshop on "site testing at Dome C" (Rome, 11-13 June 2007) : Presentations on-line

  • Bibliography
  • Rules for Downloading Data

  • Running Instruments at Dome C
    • FIZEAU (CONCORDIA-ASTRO) DIMM 8,5 m- DIMM 20 m - Meteo Balloons - SSS - GSM - MOSP - Photometry PAIX
    • Others

    Access to Data
    • Seeing and isoplanatic angle These data have been collected by our colleagues A. Agabi and E. Aristidi during the winterover of 2005 and 2006 respectively. Data collected during the summer seasons of 2004-05 and 2005-06 are also available.
    • Meteo Balloons (launched at Dome C site between December 2001 and January 2004).These data have been collected by the Concordiastro Team from "H. Fizeau" laboratory with the support of IPEV and INSU/CNRS. Any user of the data is kindly asked to state the above mentioned contributions in her/his publication.
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