Wednesday 4 April 2012 by Lecron Daniel

NA3 Toward Large Astronomical Instruments in Antarctica


Leader: Jean-Pierre Swings, Institut d’Astrophysique et de Géophysique de Liège, Belgium

Investigates the special constraints imposed on the design of large instruments by the Antarctic environment. Studies optimisation of optical /IR instrument, robotization of telescopes, focal instruments, and mechanical-optical configurations to match and take full benefit of polar conditions as well as key astrophysical questions identified by NA5.

Tasks Task leader Title
3.1 C. Eiroa (UGR)
Low emissivity optical configurations for Infrared and High Dynamical Imaging in Antarctic conditions
3.2 K. Strassmeier (AIP) Telescope and instrumentation robotization
3.3 J.-P. Maillard (IAP) Focal instrumentation for Antarctic telescopes
3.4 G. Tosti (Perugia) The International Robotic Antarctic Infrared Telescope (IRAIT)
3.5 O. Straniero (INAF, Teramo) The IRAIT focal instrumentation
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