Wednesday 4 April 2012 by Lecron Daniel

NA4 Logistics and Operations at Dome C


Leader: M. Candidi, INAF, Rome, Italy

Identifies question related to establishment, operations and maintenance of an astronomical observatory at Dome C; implements preliminary infrastructure studies to improve CONCORDIA for astronomical purposes and identifies requests to the operators (power supply, transportation, maintenance). Adds value to the CONCORDIA station.

Tasks Task leader Title
NA4.1 P. Godon (IPEV) -
A. Cucinotta (PNRA)
Logistics for the construction and transportation of large astronomical instruments
NA4.2 P. Godon (IPEV) -
A. Cucinotta (PNRA)
Logistics for the construction of large building and enclosures for telescopes at Dome C
NA4.3 A. Pierre (IPEV) -
C. Montanari (PNRA)
Consumable needs and requests to the operators; power supply, fluids and communications
NA4.4 Dr. Bachelard (IPEV) Human questions - Training of polar teams
NA4.5 Y. Frénot (IPEV) -
S. Torcini (PNRA)
Environmental considerations
NA4.6 D. Fleury (IPEV) -
M. Maggiore (PNRA)
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