Wednesday 4 April 2012 by Lecron Daniel

NA5 Which Astrophysics at Dome C?


Leader: Hans Zinnecker (Potsdam)

Identifies key astrophysical observational programmes to be carried out in Antarctica that complement those already in progress or planned in conventional ground based observatories or with space missions. A science steering committee will prepare and publish a rationale of the science programmes, instrumental recommendations to reach the scientific objectives and a timeline for instrumental development at Dome C in the context of space and other ground based programmes.

Tasks Task leader Title
5.1 M. Busso/M. McCaughreran Wide field imaging surveys in the thermal infrared
5.2 P.-O. Lagage New windows in the far Infrared
5.3 H.Rauer New domains for ground based high precision and long duration time-series photometry and spectroscopy 5.3.1 E.Fossat Asteroseismology and Helioseismology
5.3.2 H.Deeg Photometric search for extrasolar planets
5.3.3 K.Strassmeier Solar-stellar connection
5.4 F. Vakili Obtaining the ultimate angular resolution
5.5 C. Abia Spectroscopy and spectro-imagery


Deliverable No Deliverable title Deliverable date Nature Task
D5.1 Proceedings of Conference 1 18 Proceedings All tasks
D5.2 Proceedings of Conference 2
33 Proceedings All tasks
D5.3 Proceedings of Conference 3
46 Proceedings All tasks
D5.4 Executive summary of recommendations to the National
and International Agencies (ESO-ESA) for an astrophisycal
programme at Dome C
46 Book All tasks


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